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8 Black Barbershops You Should Visit in Houston

Black Barbershops You Can Visit In Houston To Show Your Support

By Sagar | June 5, 2020 

Since the turn of the 19th century, barbershops have been a place of comfort; a place people can come to relax and talk about their problems. Barbershops have become so culturally ingrained as the gathering spot which naturally has promoted camaraderie. Historically speaking, for African Americans these shops have become a place of consolation and escape from the daily stresses. As more African American individuals launched shops across America, it fueled an entrepreneurial mindset that built a platform for individuals who care for the good of their community.

Over the years, black barbershops and beauty salons have continued building on the atmosphere of social comfort. While providing their services and despite economic waves in business and social oppression, many black owned businesses have weathered these storms. In light of the recent events regarding the death of George Floyd, people globally have taken a stand on the injustices performed upon the black community. As we note the discrimination against blacks,  let us highlight (something powerful and empowering) the roles these individuals and businesses serve in our economy.

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Nationwide, small businesses  contribute to their community  by employing individuals, collaborating with a diverse community of vendors, and inspiring their peers to start their own businesses which in turn stimulates the economy. 

There are nearly 20,000 black barbershops all over the country to date – this number is only growing as many African American individuals work to provide for their community. Their small businesses often offer a more diverse inventory or specialize in providing unique or personalized customer experiences. Reflecting over the importance of these black owned businesses it is imperative for individuals to continue their support in any way they can. Whether it be marching for the cause, donating, or supporting local black owned business, every active step one takes helps. Changes need to be made. 

There are plenty of resources you can research to see how you can support the movement best. As for Koza, we would like to support our community of black owned small businesses in Houston by sharing with you the wonderful experiences we have had with them. Below we have broken down these barbershops so you can hit them up and show your support.

  1. Moe Better Cuts at 21414 Julie Marie Ln #1201, Katy, TX 77449

A black owned barbershop with a diversity of barbers that can serve your needs. This shop always carries a relaxed atmosphere and time after time have supported local Houston businesses. Every chance I get to visit this shop I can’t help but feel like I’m part of a family. You know that these barbers will never fail to give you an exceptional service.

  1. Men Ov Honor at 13939 Westheimer rd, Suite# 103, Houston, 77077

A private studio tucked in a small complex, Hash never fails to make you feel like you’re his guest. He works to bring you an amazing grooming experience while providing natural products and unique services. You’ll be sure to feel more than welcomed visiting his studio wanting to come back not only for a cut, but for a profoundly enjoyable conversation.

  1. Smash at 11693 Westheimer Rd. St. 206 Houston, TX 77077

Undoubtedly one of the most well-known and experienced barbers in the Houston area – his haircuts show why he’s the real deal. Paying particular attention to detail, his grooming routine reflects his status of being one of the most reputable barbers in the industry. His private studio shows that he cares about no one other than the person in the chair during a cut and his results prove it.

  1. X-Clusive Hair and Cuts Barber Salon at 176 Applewhite Dr, Katy, TX 77450

Otis and his team of barbers have supported Koza during its early days and has proven to not be just extremely talented but also professional. Making sure you receive a wholesome experience, this barbershop tucked in the Katy neighborhood will provide you with a treat of a cut.

  1. The Hot Towel Tx at 2400 Augusta Dr #285, Houston, TX 77057

This all-female run barbershop focuses on giving their customers a comprehensive grooming experience. Located near the galleria area, these female barbers are some of the highest rated in the Houston area and never fail to give you a service that is unmatched.  

  1. HD Tonsorium at 16427 W Little York Rd, Houston, TX 77084

Run by one of the most professional owners I have had the pleasure of meeting, Dyon makes sure his barbershop provides you with a comfortable experience. Staffed with barbers that know exactly what they’re doing, you can best believe that your cut will be exceptional. Not only does this shop have regular services, there are additional rooms in the back to create more of a personalized grooming service delivered to you.  

  1. Phyls House of Fades at 1437 West Mont Houston, Texas 77038

A female entrepreneur with a cozy shop in North Houston Phyllis’ shop displays that relaxed barbershop feel. The moment you walk in you’re greeted by the barbers that make you feel like you’ve been getting a cut there for years. Specializing in all kinds of services, you can bet that Phyllis and her team of barbers will have you looking right.

  1. Outliners 713 Barbershop at 15015 Westheimer Rd suite l, Houston, TX 77082

The barbers here know the value of a quality grooming experience. Always open to listen to what you have to say they’ll make you feel like a welcomed guest in their shop. Both Lauren and OG blendz carry our products so you already know they’re on the natural grooming wave. Expect nothing less than an amazing cut with quality service at this shop.

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There are plenty of ways you can show your support towards the black barbershop community. Here at Koza we show our support by stocking these barber’s shelves up to allow you to have a complete grooming experience. Black barbershops carry a vibrance and soul that is unmatched at any other shop you have visited. Please make sure to support these barbers and let them know we sent you! 

Photo: Edgar Chaparro, Arthur Humeau, and the Smithsonian