Natural Products

Koza is a conscious grooming line that creates clean ingredient, barber grade products. Our goal is to provide you with quality personal care products without all the harsh chemicals. We focus on hand crafting your products so you can focus on feeling fresh. Inspired by barbers and their attention to detail, we take a similar approach into making each one of our products. Not only are we focused on our ingredients but also our packaging and reducing plastic waste. By offering you with cleaner grooming solutions we hope to keep you on the natural wave.

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Our vision


natural products

Fresh Scents

With fresh products come fresh scents.  We create various blends of unique fragrances from around the world and infuse them into each of our products. The fragrance is the initial draw and Koza works to give you some of the freshest scented products on the market.  

Reducing Plastic

As we add to our collection of natural products, our goal is to reduce single-use plastic along the way. We are implementing refill stations through our tightly-knit barber community where customers can recycle their plastic containers. As a client, you may visit any Koza certified barbershop to ensure you can return your empty containers with ease and get a discounted refill with it. Aside from getting a fresh cut, our barber community knows the importance of offering you cleaner products so catch that fade and your grooming essentials while you’re at it.

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Barber Community

Attention to detail has been our focus and barbers have been doing just that. Through detailed formulation we wanted to create products that barbers can stand behind, and now,  being one of the cleanest grooming lines in the barber community, we hope to elevate your grooming experience with a more natural approach.  By providing you with a cleaner alternative to the harsh chemicals you can assure yourself you’re doing your body a favor. As a barber trusted brand, you know you’re getting a product that has been tested and worked with by a professional. Cut the guess work in figuring out what products are right for you when Koza can keep you feeling fresh. 


Koza – Goat aka the Greatest of all time. We strive to provide you with some of the greatest, highest quality grooming products that keep you feeling fresh. 



Grow Out And Thrive