Sandalwood Comb

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Beard Comb – Premium Sandalwood

Not Your Ordinary Beard Comb

Our Koza comb is a premium weighted sandalwood comb. With a minimal, portable design this is something you have to keep in your bag or pocket. Used with our oils or balms to help evenly distribute the product into your beard, this comb is a must-have.

Effectively reduce tangles and knots when running this comb through your beard, a lot better than the conventional plastic combs. No snagging, less damage and a clean finish to your beard.

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1 review for Sandalwood Comb

  1. Sunil (verified owner)

    I don’t really have a beard but I use this on the hair on my head. I have fine, thin hair so I can’t use combs that have their teeth to close together otherwise it’ll be too rough on my hair. So I comb my hair with a widened side of a normal comb, and then do a few strokes with this sandalwood comb to get a nice smooth finish.

    Nice website by the way !

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