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Is The Beard Trend Dead in 2020?

To shave or not to shave? The Beard Trend Truth.

By María José Jaramillo | May 1, 2020 

As we all know, trends come and go over time. We are all constantly adapting to keep up with the latest crazes. Things like pop-culture, professional athletes, and the music industry shape our perspective on what we should partake in.

Drake Beard

Nowadays, our social media feeds are saturated with influencer skincare routines, self-help tips, and general ways we can live our best lives. Although, when it comes to men’s grooming there have been plenty of different opinions throughout the years.

In 2014 GQ released an article discussing how beards have reached their peak. There was a “saturation of beards” in the market and it was time to pull out the razors. An important point they made was calling out the current beard quality. This point assumed that most beards contributed to a ‘dirty and rough’ look that didn’t do much good in a social or professional environment.

Fast-forwarding almost six years later, men’s health has a huge focus on different self-care and grooming tips, one of the biggest areas of discussion being beard care. There is constant research being done to make sure men are appropriately caring for their skin and facial hair. Grooming hygiene is no longer female-oriented, men around the world are taking the initiative to care for their physical health and appearance.

For a long time, we connected professionalism to a clean face with not a hair follicle in sight. Anything that deviated from this look was not suitable for a professional environment. Currently, there is a sense of respect for those who take the time to maintain and style their facial hair. The impact that a well-groomed man has in a professional environment does not go unnoticed, it relays the idea of good personal hygiene and attention to detail. This idea translates well into the workplace as employers and co-workers relate those positive traits to one’s work ethic and competency. These traits also carry well into personal life relaying a sense of confidence and composure.

Beard, Sports

Famous athletes like James Harden and Dallas Keuchel proudly show off their well-maintained beards while getting to Game 7 or winning the World Series. Artists like Drake and Rick Ross contribute to the beard trend movement by sporting their own looks in their music videos or album art. These famous beards do have their own iconic aesthetic but most importantly they contribute to the undeniably growing grooming and self-care culture.

This culture has spilled over into the the world of fashion where the industry has actively embraced more than a clean cut look. Designers like Mayank Sehga understand the importance of expressing individuality through personal style and incorporates all aspects of this in their designs, including distinct grooming styles. These hair styles are hitting the runway and inspiring amazing creativity in street fashion. It has come so far that an entire outfit is centered around the beard making it the main fashion statement.  

Overall, the beard trend has grown to become a staple in fashion and culture. This culture belongs to everyone, whether you are a CEO of a tech company, an aspiring writer, or a stay at home dad, there has never been a better time to focus on yourself and be part of the self-care culture. 

In conclusion

The beard trend is alive and well. It has been so engrained into our fashion and culture that it has become the new norm.

With the proper care and maintenance, you can allow your beard to speak for itself. Self-care has become such an important aspect of our lives, especially during the times we live in. Being a part of this culture also means being a part of a community that cares about being the best version of yourself. Whether you rock the full beard or just the scruff, you’ve welcomed yourself to the self care culture.

Let us know your thoughts. Do you still think beards are in?