Organic Beard Oil

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Essential Oil – Herbal Blend

A Multipurpose Essential Oil Blend That’s Hydrating

Our elixir carries an important blend of oils that you should be using to keep your hair hydrated. Packed with essential ingredients designed to reducing dryness and stimulate hair growth. Apply it on your hair, beard, or even use it on the skin as a preshave oil.

This oil was designed with hydration in mind. A common problem we noticed was a dry, itchy scalp, so we did the research to formulate a blend that you can use daily. Apply a few drops in your hand and massage it into the scalp and beard. This multipurpose oil is safe to use on the skin and should be applied daily on the beard or twice a week to the scalp.

After regular use, you will quickly notice your hair and beard significantly more hydrated and nourished. With its densely packed ingredients and fresh scents, you have a variety of fragrances to choose from. Hydrate effectively and stay fresh with this herbal blend.




Allow a few drops of the oil into the palm of your hand and work a nice massage into the roots of your hair, beard, or apply directly on the skin to hydrate effectively.


Coconut oil, Tea Tree Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Almond Oil, and our blend of Essential Oils

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5 reviews for Organic Beard Oil

  1. Byron Paisley (verified owner)

    Great beard oil! I have a few in my pantry and this is literally the only one I use. So many compliments when I go out on how great my beard looks. Will try all other products now!

  2. Zohair

    I could immediately smell the sandalwood when I opened the box. I was having issues with my beard hairs become dry and unmanageable from using normal shampoo and conditioner on my beard, but the balm + oil combo solved this almost immediately. I have noticed a significant increase in my beard thickness since using them and attribute it all to the Koza suite of products. The sandalwood scent does not disappoint and aroma lasts day.

  3. Abo (verified owner)

    Alright so I was having a problem with growing my beards until my barber recommended me a Koza growing oil beards. I have been using the products and they are amazing 🤩 like F**k yea men plus I told my friends to use the Koza as well and the producer is so cool mate like I don’t know what to say about him and his boom azz products it’s more than worth it to purchase the products, and these are highly recommended to purchase them.
    The Rosemary Chai I bought they are Excellent.

  4. Arshan Ataabadi (verified owner)

    I always had a problem growing out my beard and trying to find something that has all natural ingredients with a great scent. I have been using Koza for awhile and this stuff Is really amazing. My beard looks thicker and healthier. sandalwood, highly recommend!

  5. Nickymike85 (verified owner)

    Koza does it again! This oil is perfect, it absorbs quickly into the beard and leaves it with a soft fluffy feel. Not only are their products organic, but they disappoint when it comes to their scents!

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