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The Top 3 Beard Grooming Tips Only Your Barber Will Tell You

Beard Grooming Tips From The Barbershop.

By Sagar | May 13, 2020 

We all know that fresh feeling you get after your routine cut with your barber – that crisp edge up and the fade with the straight edge along your beard and neck. After the cut you know your barber will never fail to throw on his favorite pomade in your hair along with some herbal beard products, and that painful burning alcohol for the finishing touch. Every cut is an experience. Your barber takes you through a unique process of their carefully crafted routine that makes you feel like a King.

But have you ever paid close attention to the details? We’ll show you a few of their practices that only come with the experience of being a barber. Once you implement these beard grooming tips into your own life we promise you can get that same fresh feeling at home, every time.

Tip 1: Take Their Recommendation on Products

Whether it’s a pomade, a type of beard oil, balm, shave gel, or straight edge, your barber is experienced and professionally trained in this craft and their advice should not be brushed off. There are millions of products on the market that claim to be the best out there, but to recreate that feeling you get from the shop you’ve got to take your barber’s advice on products. 

hair cut

Barbers all over the city now use Koza beard oils and balms on their clients for their grooming routine. They understand the importance of the products and the high-quality they provide.

They know how and when to apply the products as this is a critical factor in beard grooming. Ask your barber for beard grooming tips as they would love to share the knowledge and keep their art looking and smelling like a million bucks.

A Little Goes a Long Way

You’ll notice that once you’re back from the shop and hop out of the shower, your beard is not as sharply shaped as it was from when you left the shop. The hairs aren’t lying flat to your face and although your edge up is crisp, your beard is a bit untamed you wonder “what happened? How can I lock in the look?”

The key products missing are the beard balms and oils and the secret is in the application. Oil first, then balm.  So why are these products essential?

Natural beard oil

Beard oil is a quick moisturizer, it works first to help target the roots of your hair immediately, it also evaporates faster than balms and that’s why it’s applied first. Remember, a little goes a long way so all it takes is a few drops in your beard with a light massage. This allows the oil to tap deep into the roots and instantly gives you that fresh scent. Just be careful to not go overboard with the oil because then you’ll leave your beard feeling greasy and no one likes that look.

Balm After Oil

Consider Beard balm the leave in conditioner for your beard. Applying it last will have your beard looking smooth for the rest of the day. The balm offers a matte finish to your beard, styles it, and keeps the hairs feeling soft over the course of the day. All it takes is a scrape with the back of your thumbnail. Work it in your hands until it fully melts and just apply it on top of your beard to make sure you keep those flyways nice and tucked. You’ll notice a big difference in your beard styling once you use these products. To do the trim justice you have got get the products that help maintain the cut.

Natural Beard Balm

Tip 2: Know When and How Often to Apply

Now that your beard is shaped and restored after you applied your products, how do you keep this look going? Barber’s recommendation on how often you should apply the oil and balm into your beard is to apply once a day after a shower. once you’ve cleansed your face and beard, you’ve stripped the hairs of its natural oils which causes dryness, itchiness, and flyaways in the long run. The oil serves to reduce this dryness and the balm works to condition and style your beard. Apply this on the daily to preserve that fresh look and keep it smelling fabulous

Tip 3: Invest in a Straight Edge

Now that you’ve taken all this advice – you bought the balm and oil, applied it every day and you notice your beard has started growing healthy. But suddenly a week passes since that heavenly fresh cut and those baby hairs start creeping up on the line up. We all know that awkward post-cut. It’s too soon to go back but you need to maintain your edge up so it looks like you just got out of the shop. The biggest key to this is learning and investing in how to use a straight edge razor. This detail is the final touch up that every barber uses in their cut to give you that crisp look.

straight edge razor

You can use this link to see how to give yourself a proper line up. If you don’t want to practice on yourself first, use a balloon. Blow one up, put some shaving cream on it and have a go at the barber game. The goal is to clean the shaving cream off the balloon without popping it to make sure you’re not cutting into it. Once you’ve mastered this, you should be ready to try it out on yourself and ensure you keep that crisp line up.

In Conclusion

The barbershop freshness is a great feeling but it doesn’t have to stay in the shop. With these beard grooming tips, you can bring the experience to your home. The key here is consistency. Incorporate these beard grooming tips to your routine to keep your beard looking sharp. There is no better feeling than looking and being best version of yourself. 

Photo Credit: by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash, by Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash, Christoffer Engström on Unsplash

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